About GuluMaru

GuluMaru, is the name of a small forest in the world. As long as you have a childlike heart, you can enter this mysterious small country at any time. Here, there are a variety of small animals living, each with their own strengths, helping each other and growing together. Children who enter this place can also learn more through the help of small animals.

We believe that children should not only study when they were young, but in this golden period of growth, they should develop their self-reliance and correct values. We hope that through the creation, children can learn more common sense of life and self-care ability in the game. At present, we through the development of game apps, parents can learn with them, and in the future, more different forms of creation will be developed to provide more interesting learning.




Educational Apps For 3-5Kids

GuluMaru parent-child game series. Making games for kids.
We want parents to play games with their children.
Improve Communication Skills for Parents and Children.

GuluMaru trains your child with different skills:
- Common sense of life
- logical thinking
- Hand-eye coordination

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